Saturday, July 26, 2008

a guest blogger's soup recipe

this sounds delicious!

i got the email the other day from karen (karenlgh on the yahoo group) who is the third karen from canberra with a TMX :D

Hi Karen,
I'm a Karen too. I live in **** and have had my TM for about 3 months. I love the TM. I'm a SAHM to a Boy 4 and a girl just turned 2.
Here's a recipe. It's my take on an entree I had at a French restaurant a couple of weeks ago (it was the annual night out without kidlets!). My other half liked it but said that it was too rich to have a whole bowl of. I, however, wolfed it down and was looking for more. Enjoy!
Best wishes,

Fennel & Asparagus Soup

1 sml white onion - 5 secs @7 in TM. Cook 2 min @ 100 @ speed 1

200gm fresh aspargus. Snap off the woody stuff. Add 75gm of fennel bulb - 5 secs @ 7.

Add 300gm water, 1/2 teasp salt, 200 gm cream ( I used Bulla light cooking cream - fabulous stuff), 1/2 tbsp fresh dill.

Cook 20min @ 100 @ speed 1. Puree at end for 20 secs @ 7

Garnish with dill sprig.


Thermomixer said...

Nice work Karen III. Great recipe. I did fennel & apple soup at the weekend. Will have to try this. Looks like you are getting a convivium of TMXers in the capital. Need to find more Karens?

brazen's crafts said...

they're out there, don't you worry :p if we find any others we'll tell them to call themselves karen LOL

i bought a big fennel last night but couldn't get the asparagus - but the fennel and apple sounds even better!