Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm here!

Thanks for setting this up brazen :)

I made the mushroom risotto from the TMX book last night. Yum! And the bonus is that the kids actually ate some of it. They're not thrilled by mushroom, and one gags if you mention risotto, but I chose my words carefully and they ate it :) And there's more for tonight.


brazen's crafts said...

Geoff made the mushroom risotto the other night and i have to admit i'm not a keen mushroom eater and i asked him not to make it again LOL (he only had half the mushrooms too)

but we do use the recipe regularly and he usually makes it with pumpkin which is good :)

Thermomixer said...

I love mushroom risotto - one of my favs. So easy and tasty. Fortunately don't have to worry about pleasing the kids - selfish I know.