Monday, July 14, 2008

What my thermomix did today

One thing it didn't do that I will do, is to thank Brazen for setting up this blog. I shall do my best to contribute when time and procrastination permits!

I answered a little quiz yesterday and it got me thinking about what I do with my thermomix and what other people do. In a specific kind of way. So I thought I'd share what my little beastie has done today and I'd love to hear in comments what yours has done for you. I may even come back and do a similar post again on another day or so as I'm sure the way in which we use the thermo mix varies from day to day.

For me, today was a day where I spent a comparatively small amount of time in the kitchen. First day of term, back doing the kinder drop off, back at work plus lots of admin and two tax returns to get through. So much not time for kitchen play. Nonetheless, this is what my thermomix did today;
  1. cooked porridge for breakfast
  2. ground coffee beans
  3. made tortilla dough
  4. made bread dough
  5. made guacamole
  6. made salsa
  7. grated cheese
...and for a bonus ten points, who can guess the ethnicity of tonight's dinner at my house?

So, what did your thermomix do today?


brazen's crafts said...


hmmm italian? japanese? ;)

mine only made porridge today - it was a work day and we had our curry leftovers for dinner.

karenmc said...

Mine just made tortilla dough today.

brazen's crafts said...

dani has a tortilla maker too (i'm still jealous lol)