Saturday, September 13, 2008

Chicken & Ricotta Crepe Bake

converted a friend's recipe tonight, apart from ryan (our cheese and chicken hater) it was a hit!

please see my blog for further details!!


Tenina said...

Mmmmnnn this looks good!

Milwall Maggie said...

I have yet make a successful recipe in my Thermomix, did anyone else have teething problems ?
I would love your advice

brazen's crafts said...

Hi MM,
I can't say i was unsuccessful with it but i guess i did have teething problems with it in terms of following the recipes in the book, which i think is not very well written. (though in the book's defence even when i follow my own instructions i sometimes find that the amount of time required one time is too much the next time)

i guess as i've used it more i tend to use the book as a guide only and go with what *I* think will work instead. so practice definitely helps!

Dani said...

Hi Milwall Maggie. I found it took me a month to really feel comfortable with my TM. First I worked through a lot of the recipes in the book to get a feel for the cooking times and what each speed setting achieved with various foods and quantities of food. Then I moved on to converting my own favourite recipes.

If you are really struggling, call your consultant, they should be happy to come around and spend some time working through your teething problems with you.

You can also email me at dani (at ) thekitchenplayground (dot) com if you have specific problems and I can walk you through some possible solutions.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to both of you for answering, it has given me the encouragement to persevere, its far too expensive not to use. I have been trying the recipes in the book and apart from bolognaise and white sauce non have been that great. Jam didnt set, creme brulee didn't set chilli sauce was like water. I have started to use it just a food processor! I will try some of the recipes on your blogs.
Thanks Millwall Maggie