Friday, October 3, 2008

Steamed Dim Sims

a few new recipes thanks to one of guest bloggers - karenleigh :) (sorry i forgot to put them up sooner karen!)

Steamed Dim Sims (adapted from "Full Steam Ahead")

1 pkt of gow gee wrappers
100gm pork
1.5cm chunk of fresh ginger
3 tbsp fresh coriander
1/4 teasp salt
1/2 small brown onion
30gm swiss brown mushrooms
1 egg

Place pork and ginger into TM31 and mince 10 secs @ speed 5.

Place rest of ingredients into TM31 and process for 5 secs @ speed 5. Check mixture. Process for longer if too many chunky bits. I removed any stringy tendons in mixture.

Put 1 teasp of mince into centre of gow gee wrapper. Gather up the edges and pinch wrapper in the middle so you have a money bag shape.

Place dim sims into the top and bottom varoma trays.

Pour 600 gm of boiling water into TM31 bowl.

Steam 20 mins, Varoma @ speed 3.

Serve with soy sauce.

Makes around 30.

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Thermomixer said...

Great work.

This is one of the Full Steam recipes that I didn't have for some reason.

Reminds me I need to publish my steamed buns.