Monday, December 22, 2008

Cheryl's Avocado And Ginger Ice-Cream

We have another Thermomix whiz who has kindly sent in a recipe to share.

This recipe from Cheryl Rourke at KingTree Lodge, Cellar Door Foods and Wines in WA

"Mother Nature's answer to camping."

Cheryl's Avocado And Ginger Ice-Cream

Serves 12 ( or more )


8 avocado peeled and stoned and covered in the juice of four lemons ( place the mix in the freezer and chill for two hours )
250g of glace ginger.
4 tablespoons of ginger marmalade.
170g of brown sugar.
600ml of thickened cream.


Process brown sugar to icing sugar.
Add ginger and chop on speed 6 for 10 sec.
Add cold avocado and lemon mix .
Add cold marmalade.
Add cold cream.
Process mix on speed 10 for 30 sec.

When creamy and smooth spoon the mixture into patty cases ( popped inside muffin trays and freeze ).

( I use muffin trays and put the cases into this and when frozen I remove the patty cases from the tray and pop the portions of ice-cream into a zip lock freezer bag ). So easy for serving.

When serving, allow to warm up for about ten minutes before turning onto a plate and removing the patty case.
I serve this with thinly sliced glace ginger, fresh splayed avocado halves, interspersed with thin slices of Ruby Red Grapefruit segments.

The dessert looks spectacular and tastes divine.

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